Footnote: To My First Supervisor

Without belief in

Christ, you were mighty vocal

to accuse Christians

of sin.  You denied

Christ:  how could you, then, pretend

to speak for Him about sins.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Militant about his disbelief, this man sure had a very vocal and active opinion about sin in general, and about accusing Christians of sin.  Two of us on the crew, Christians of two very different denominations, attempted to explain to him that Christians did not become perfect (which, to him, meant sinless) until their entrance into Heaven; only God, and our Savior, Jesus, is perfect.  The flawed need a Redeemer; which I rejoice to have, in faith, since January 9, 1994.


I think the fallacy of denying Scriptures' truth, while using them to prooftext an accusation of sin, or the denail of Heaven to Matthew Shepard, is the most arrogant of hypocrisy and will require an explanation before the Great Throne and its judgement process described in Revelation 22.


I admit that this Tanka is flawed, violating both the syllable count and the line structure.  However, I have written enough Tanka by the rules in proof of compliance, therefore I do not mind to post this mutated Tanka, due to its subject matter.

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Sadly some people are

Sadly some people are hypocrites and hypocritical christians ar the worse, cuz they make true born again Christians look bad. They are why a lot of people hates christians. But all you can try and do is talk to them about the truth, but if they don't listen, that's their choice. All else you can do is pray for them. 

*~I know I'm blessed, but I'm cursed to ~ NF*

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A very wise observation.

A very wise observation.