Footnote: Cautionary Remarks, About Males Who Abuse Women

They often call their subtle predation
by the more inviting mask-word, "play,"

and claim to ensconse it in negotiated rules.
But a welt or a scrape or a bruise
is injury, and therefore abuse---

no matter what those bastards say,

hoping their claim of their own rights fools

us all.  None of them repent---so I pray
that God will hurl them deep into damnation.

What social distancing helps society cope?---
the distance, when perverts swing, to the end of the rope.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Males they may be, but not men.

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Thank you. Women are

Thank you. Women are cheering! 

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Thank you.  I try very hard

Thank you.  I try very hard not to judge others, but males who inflict injury on women are, in my opinion, particularly heinous.