Sea of Despair

Your words flow endlessly

Like a stream of nonsense

Yet I scramble to absorb them

To suck up every painful drop

Earnestly dripping off your lips

Storms of emotion raging in anger

Questioning what we've become

What you have become along the way

You need not be the man I fell for

The times of "change" have honored that

Yet your eyes are fill with false hopes

So filled with content and success

Seeing not that I have fallen behind

Searching for the man I once loved

Blindly I lead my life in circles

Rowing my boat through a sea of pain

With only love to paddle it's waters

And a heart to guide my way through.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just don't know who you are anymore. What happened to the man that I love?

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BARNARD FIFE's picture

thank you so much for writing everytime I think i've written something deceint i read something from you and it makes me wanna write better your so good at this so thank you for giving me something to stive for

Reven Undone's picture

It reminds me of Charon. I am inspired, thank you.

Sherry Knee's picture

hey Robin,
sometimes love fucking sucks. He just doesnt see what he is doing, or maybe he does and think everything will be fine and u will stick around. If he thinks that, then he obviously doesnt know you. U and I both know that what he is doing to you can happen anymore. You have tried so hard, and yet he does nothing. the time will come when your gone and he is left standing alone, and then he will know that he lost the best thing that ever happened to him. I think leanne is right when she says that he isnt mature enough for a relationship, cuz if he was, this wouldnt be happening.
Keep your head up high girl. try to smile, and imagine yourself on jenn's male stripper island.... hehehe. The hurt will pass, and you will find someone who apprepcraites you.
love a friend always!!!

Jen Walker's picture

Hey chickie,
Im sorry that things had to happen like that. I know that you will prevail and row your boat to my island where there are lots of cute male strippers!!!!Yes I said cute male strippers.
Everything will be ok, that I can promise you, it just takes time. Smile for me!
Lots of luv,