Affect Me

you hurt me

and you dont even know

you make me feel sad sometimes

but I dont let it show

I cant tell you

because I dont want to lose

I always show you my happy side

but yet I'm dropping clues

you dont know how much I need you

I wonder if your love is true

because your always on my mind

you affect everything I do

I always just wish

you would feel the same

to have to wonder

makes me feel ashamed

you only seem to want me

when its good for you

I always wait here alone

if you only knew

I drive myself insane

everytime your away

the laughter that I let out

is just a game I play

There are times

you make me feel so upset

that I sit here and cry

my face all wet

but you'll never know

I will never say

what I feel

or that you affect me this way

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booblack's picture

(you hurt bad but you are strong)
that what i understood from your poem...
you have special way on how to simulate feelings and brought them out into words...
good job ... keep it higher as you can