I'm No Angel- Monday Feb. 9, 2015 11:45pm

I'm in my head again

the most easy place to be

drowning in my words

and my lack of integrity

I'm really no angel

but you remind me of that daily

I just want to rewind

so I can stay a better me.

Like red wine to white carpet

I'm now just a mess 

keep trying to get the stain out

or replace it like the rest.

My tears are supressed 

it hurts too much to show

how I used to be so innocent

not that long ago.

I tried to convince myself

that I'm worth something more

but all that I've learned 

is that I'm a vicious whore.

I have no back up

I have no defense

when you say I'm no angel

it just makes me tense

I have no way to dispute it

no evidence on my side

no "I haven't done that"

nothing I can deny.

I'm not used to this feeling

of not being trusted

I used to be so good

now I got busted.

You see the real me now

the girl I wish I could hide

the papers' now crumbled

there's no smooth side

I'm just stuck in this body

in the tragic reality

that I am no angel

and that's just how it will be.
But I would give anything

to just hit rewind

to go back and change it

to find words to do it right

Now I'm trapped in my head

and find comfort in the company

in the girl I wish to change

so I can get back to being me.  

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KindredSpirit's picture

I really liked this

I really liked this piece.

 There are no Angel's in the

 Bodies we encapsulate.

It might be your Best.

 I haven't read much.

I do feel it.

Take Care.       RJ