Victimology is not my side of the fucking coin!

It seems they want me to be a victim again,

Fuck you I'm a survivor. 

You placed your bet on the wrong side of your lucky coin.

You can fuck with me all you like 

My fear falls away 

Courage rises 

Prove me right as I prove you wrong 

I lift up my hands

faith is a given

I will push through

I will climb your Carnage hill

And from the compost will grow 

New buds from my losses 

The casualties of my dreams planted so lovingly 

Raped and stolen so easily by your hypocrisy

Better the devil you know 

Than the devil you don't 

Fuck you,

Watch me fly 

Barbed wire and all! 


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I like it

The Bad and The Good


Put that barbed wire crossin' that heart

And you have something there.


It's a beautiful thing

To escape from

To get entangled again