In matters concerning you and other things



ideas about love and other things



everything in between us.

the things I love the things I hate

the things i need.

Im not sure if you are one of them

but im afraid to find out.

lost in the humdrum punctuated by angry swirls

I find something elegant about your redemption

from your graceless fall each time.

so this is love hey

and i struggle to define it in some useful form

its not pretty at all and yet so strangely beautiful.

it seems the more we hang on the more it transcends

I am hoping desperately that it isnt simply a fear

ove the loss of time spent scaping us together each time

or some stupid hope that if we hang in long enough

the fruits of our labours will come.

or is it that you and i are inextricably linked by some chaotic yet ancient force

that stirs these whirlpools into action

that the sound of my name from your lips raises hairs on my neck

and the touch of your hands warms me to my soul

and in your eyes I see home, the very same  one Ive seen you long for

in mine. and the stupid way you think drives me crazy,

but the way you love me is something of time immortal

and I can feel it burning into me

calling me home when Ive forgotten you on my adventures

and a pull so strong so real that it lights my heart almost as bright as my soul

when I see you and you see me in that way we do sometimes

we know its just so exquisitely right the way we connect.


thoughts. ideas about love and other things.




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“The stupid way you think drives me crazy..." yet over time couples harmonize. That is a relationship though though, lol.