Rasputin's Roulette...

Can't say I blame you,

it wasn't your turn

for Rasputin's roulette 


Theres only two chambers

one is for me the other is full.

spin like the myriad of possibilities

dizzying my head 

Stop like the breaks of fear

that stop you dead.


laced the tip with desire's toll

It clicked;

and fired into my soul. 

Ripples of doubt

tied with circles of certainty


A trail of dangerous games

loaded answers fired at a hard target 

Entranced there's only love or death 


Fire away, fire away,

nothing to lose 

not going to choose .


I won't sway,

I won't walk away 

I rolled the dice 

i didn't think twice.


twisted in our tryst 

equaled on my list 

fogotten how it calls 

now it's you who fallsl


never asked you to play 

dont forget what I say 

dont look at me with eyes so upset 

you didn't know the rules

it wasn't your turn, 

for Rasputin's roulette.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rasputin was a famous Russian lover who is rumoured to have satisfied very much a lonely beloved queen And her maidens. And then some! ;) if you get the reference used here you're on fire! Well done! 

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ms. smoothie

ms. smoothie clever, creative, dripping with style, and love the insight/historical background behind your piece. 

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Love it Ssmoothie! Thought

Love it Ssmoothie! Thought you might enjoy this little song. Your poem made me think of it. Local artist of ours. Just heard him this weekend. Hope you like. :) http://lynnchiles.com/video/11-Track-11-1.mp3

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