My falling sky

The sky is falling! 


The heart calls

but no heat returns
The heart wants

what it wants;

But there is no love

written in our stars.

It all comes crashing in

on me


the sky is falling,


Troubles of wanting
Don't figure here,
drops in an ocean of devotion
Simple wants and simple pleasures

Of which I am bereft 

you have fallen 


I hoped for stars in the night

but they had fallen with the sky.

i waited and waited

for the pain to pass by

The millennia failing
To fade the memories of
Our undying love

hailing Cruel fates

testing from above


This universe of love

holds more than enough 
Yet endlessly the 

sky falls 


watching the power of it

in your eyes

hold me Like a hug

wrapped tight 

but you wrestled free


my sky is falling


your cool gaze

is all I have of you
Breaking the fall of eternal love.

The object of affection silently
glides effortlessly by
Another eternity waiting...

my sky is fallen 

the stars are lost 

and I am surrounded by dark. 


me and my fallen sky. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A redo

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