Ironic domestic

Isn't it ironic?
I lie to him
You lie to her
he lies to me
she lies to you
And we have no secrets
She's close to him
You are close to me

Isn't it ironic
I love cars and bikes and fast living
She's into Tupperware and tattoos
The only tatto I need is your love on my heart
And I'll ride chasing that sunset down with you

You love cars and bikes and fast living
He's into property and investments
The only investment you need is belief
And you'll ride chasing paradise with me

They build glory houses
we make loving homes
They live for others reasons
we live for our own
This ship has to sail,
Ho, Weigh the anchors
There's no lost at sea
We've run aground
There's only dead weight
Carried by you and me
Isn't it ironic how close we are
Yet not meant to be?

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woe! This is so harsh!? Good

woe! This is so harsh!? Good write!

If its possible, no matter what it always starts with a dream!