Circles around triangles

I feel so beautiful in your views
The way you take me in and grin
That wink will always melt me
You raise my spirits and make me dream
You give me will to be more in life
The ultimate dream consists of nothing but us
Mistakes thrown by the wayside
Old shells with dirty whispers cast off and
Our new skins offered to the light
The way you study me, the designs plain
In your honest eyes, it always amuses me
The way we navigate through life
A twist, a turn, right place; wrong time
It burns but it feels Devine slipping in and out
Of each others hands a plan gone awry
then come good By surredipidous surprise
I've given up on plans I'll see you when the gods allow
my Jason in his argos,
Your medea sent to exile in Bermudas
You couldn't love me first and Hera
Raged when I forgave because I knew
It would always be this way between me and you
Circles around triangles only meeting at certain points
Adrift in the red sea of love circling the triangle for
all our hopes and whispers of love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some lines Inspired by whispers in seashells in part by dove the lady of romantic love who met our lady of drama SS and inspires her so.

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Wow must be some kind of

Wow must be some kind of inspiration SSmoothie! You are also a very inspiring writer, I love your soulmate folder! It's incredible!

Dont look for me, I'll find you ~Moonshadow

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why yes she is our little

why yes she is our little dove and though I dont like to say it I am sometimes in competition with her wonderful romantic writings!! I dont get out much sadly and I miss the ocean badly where my romantic spirit lives and breathes new life. I am stuck in dramas so that is what I tend to bring to life on the fly but every now and then I get that soul gold.. thanks for your support dear Moonshadow you are a wonderful encourager! Tight HugSS

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