A Breeze

If I were able to toss and and swirl
about above the meninscus of the ocean;
I would love to be a dizzy little thing!
I would swoop and dip in and out again
over the tiny hollows of each little wave
till I whooshed up around and
riled up the sand with eddies at your feet
dropping the grains of glass pebbles like
a fluttering gift; dying down a little,
I would wrap my self around
your calves then climb up
and twine a track between, over, under
and through investigating every part of you
closely brushing and twisting around your torso
and winding by the nape of your neck
whispering gently as I hung about your lobes
lapping into your ears stories of where I've been
to look in hopes to find another half of me
and the winding twisting ease of which
life I find is, as a breeze I would trace across
your lips and and tickle you there gently
caressing and licking at the salt above.
I would dance around and invigorate
your body and travel all through your viens
and enter your mind where I would trace
a million thoughts of you so fine again.
I would plant a seed of hope and gently
water you in and say listen
to that whisper on the wind
calling you, that is your love searching
listen, let the wine of love breathe
and smell the sweet musky scent
as I leave and trace around you again.
in hoding every trace of you in my memory
making invisible shaped yous
as I travel back to sea and quitely
dance around waiting for you to breathe
the breath of love into me
through a little tiny breeze.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

its a draft but here it is none the less! hope you enjoy! :)

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wonderfull ss truly wonderfull.

It's last life is spent tormenting your dreams-zombie cat

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thanks :)

I love the wind its always a beautiful time when I stand on the cliff and the wind pushes me back, or when a cool breeze brushes past on a hot summers day, most type of wind even crazy little eddies or duststorms picking up and swirling dust and leaves... Cheers SS

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."