Cut the Deck for the House of Hearts

Get out!
Get out of my heart!
There's no room for you
The cupboard of love is full and 
Filled to bursting
Get out! get out!
there's no room for you!

I push and heave
And mop the floor
Satisfied you're gone
I turn to go then tap tap
Pushed to the brink,
Full force It's you again!

I push you out and lock the doors
I shut the shutters and lay traps 
On the floor. I tip toe tip toe tip
Then slap!  snap!  snap! hit by the door flung
Traps all sprung it's you again! 

Get out of my heart! There's no
Room to let, the house is full 
And I'm in no need of your rent
Draw the house of cards by the deck
Flip one over and the house is wrecked
King of spades and unfortunate fates
The queen of hearts shouts off with your head! 
Get out! get out! There's no room in my bed.
please get out, my reserves are all spent
I can't gamble my love, don't force me I beg
I will never break even I will always owe you
 in debt, leave me please darling
Because I can't pretend,
Loving you will be our end. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Draft as we're the last few ;) cheers SS!

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you are a very talented poet

you are a very talented poet i love the themes and your passion that you put into your writing as ive commented on one of your other poems i fine myself relating

awesome once again

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You really have a special way with words and images - love this poem :D

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Thank you Kerry, I have been

Thank you Kerry,

I have been enjoying your vast array of talented poetry and find I'm spoilt for choice! Great themes and interesting insights!

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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