finding dark

Time rules this body and mind

But not this soul.

Searching the endless stars for my dark,

a chance to shine.

Quazars and lightshows glitter so bright, 

Envious creations,

marvels of lightover pure darkness!

Their beauty unpolluted by crossed over light.

how I long for you to wrap me up in your darkness,

how wonderfully bright my colours would shine for us,

only knowing that your sacrifce,

is also mine

that each glorous showering lightscape,

pushes you deeper into a darker space

we can never allow our true cores to touch

or i shall be less me


you less you.

Our tipchasy never ending

but always our favourite game,

the endless burning anticipation

of our truest selves on show

to see our colours of love again!

Till then love,

find dark


I will find you again.

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Pure darkness

I find darkness to be warm and comforting (almost seductive) and I got that from this write. Beautifully done <3

Let your teeth show