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I love to express myself, I dont assume, I dont gossip anymore, I try to do my best on every given day, ITS ALMOST FUCKEN IMPOSSIBLE, I AM NOT A SAINT. I miss a internet friend, and I dont tell a soul, even her. I am a hard ass. if someone wants to leave me, well then I must not have meant much to them, but nevertheless, I loved this person more than anyone in my life. I had to say this somewhere, it was eating me alive. I dont assume, they introduced me to a book, and it was my CHOICE to learn or NOT TO LEARN, not TO TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY, NOT TO ASSUME, TO BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD, AND ON EACH GIVEN DAY GIVE IT YOUR ALL. I try but most days, i fail. I miss this person so much, and this person would scream at me, and say , so what Karen, that is LIFE. I am not that easy.
This person is intelligent and I (not them) think they loved me as much as I do them. I feel so different without this person in my life, even though I never met them. They are probably with some other man, and could care less about me. But I will move on, and leave them to their happiness. That is how much I love this person, I will let them go, and never ever get in their way. or contact them again. They love me in their own special way, and I know this. I have been blessed.

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llife is not a dress rehearsal!
Whereever you go, There you are``


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