Twisted Tales


Circle round the roses

Striking many poses

Sneeze away disease

We all spiral down

Crashing to the ground

The tale of the fairy twists

Spout the words of sixpence

A sack full of rye

Four point two blackbirds look you in the eye

And when the stare ends

The birds begin to laugh

Isn't this a prissy swish along a broken path

The tale of the fairy twists

Jack and Jill

Upon a grill

Because they can't behave

Jack got drunk

Jill a senseless punk

So destined they are for bakedom

The tale of the fairy twists

Monday's child is off her face

Tuesday's child lacks class and grace

Wednesday's child suffers emo woe

Thursday's child is desperate to go

Friday's child has drugs for giving

Saturday's child finds it hard just living

But the child that is born on the last day

Acursed of all, for he is gay

The tale of the fairy twists

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