Do You Even Know


Sat outside throwing stones

I got nothing better to do

Thinking of who I’ll be today

Right now I don’t have a clue

The sun beats down

And I shift from left to right

I’m the one grounded

After the word fight

Do you even know

Who you are?

Yeah I’ll look at the floor

And I’ll play the fool

Cause I’m lost in myself

And just trying to look cool

But I’ll mess it up

And leave it to burn

Cause I’m always the failure

I believe it’s your turn

Do you even know

Who you are?

I lost you before

And I’ll lose you again

Cause I’m fine by myself

Standing out in the rain

I’ll smoke it away

Cause I just can’t bare

This feeling you leave me with

Convince me I could care

Do you even know

Who you are?

Grab me back and pull

Cause I’m floating all out

No sense of control

No mind set, no doubt

I’ve taken a lot

And I only crave more

I wish I’d have listened

When you warned me before

Do you even know

Who you are?

Cause I don’t even know

Who I am

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a person separated by their addiction to drugs. 'You' is refering to in the real them.

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