So glad of the path I had chosen

I could see the end of the tunnel

The light was brilliant and sparkling

Soon I would be able to touch it

With both hands and then stand

In it's radient beauty.

You are one of if not the most

Amazing person I have ever met

So many layers of untouched beauty

Are inside of you

I don't understand why

You don't let them show more often

Your mind and personality are so stunning

They are begging to shine out

Both in need of reassurance and comfort

I wanted to provide shelter

From the outside world for you

Nothing so genuine had formed in my mind before

I wanted to protect

Look after you

We had nothing to prove to eachother anymore

That was so relieving

Like something that could never be put into words

The light was still visible

And I was getting closer to it

The safety and tranquility were calling out to me

Beckoning me closer

And I was happily obliging to it's commands

The voices were telling me

I would be ok soon

Just a little longer now

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