Red Flashing Lights


A love that cannot be

But two hearts lay on the line

Crossed the borders to be together

Broken all of the rules

Ignored the warning signs

Red flashing lights

A love that blossoms

Despite their different sides

Danger so great is yet to be avoided

Self destruction not an option

Face them with pride

Red flashing lights

A love that is scared

Unsure of any expected reaction

Anger is sure to rise it's ugly head

When it comes don't back down

Stand up, take action

Red flshing lights

A love that is weakening

Not good, change wasn't whole group

Pathway to meltdown starts to commence

Break down prays on minds

Then takes a foul swoop

Red flashing lights

A love that is broken

By their opinions twisted

What they think is right, what is best

The dead love lays splintered

Like it never even existed

Red flashing lights

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im not entirely sure why i wrote this

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