Garden Gnome


The garden gnome

A simple creature

Who always wears a smile

He sits with his

Treasured fishing rod

As happy as he could ever be

Stares out at all

That lays before him

He is not saddened by anything

Things he has seen

Are not repeatable here

But still he smiles radiantly

Until one day

His fishing rod

Is stolen and he is distraught

His smile becomes

A tearful sorrow filled

Face that can't see the point anymore

Tears run down

His cheeks and it

Begins to rain heavily

But then

His rod returns

It looks shiny and new

And he returns to being the happy gnome

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the poem is refering to love...once its gone you dont know what to do with yourself...but then it comes again and you are happy once again

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