A Heart Failure?


Please try to refrain

From breaking my heart

She's already shattered

And can't take anymore

She gets shoved from one

Person to another each

Not wanting the love

That she contains inside

She weeps silently as she

Slowly drowns in her own

Self pity but you know

I don't blame her

It's my fault for being

The way I am, Falling too

Deep too fast for things

That are destined to fail

Pin my hopes on something

Only for my dreams to be

Crushed in a sensational

New harrowing way

Just give up now I say

I can't take anymore

But she keeps on going

That little heart of mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I refer to my heart as a she throughout this poem...this is because i wrote it for my female friend who is going through a bad time. i decided to make it so the heart and the body were like two seperate people this is to represent me and her.

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