He Remembered Her


He remembered her. She had been the shining light in his otherwise dull and dark life. When her face came to his mind it always pained him, as never again would he see it. Rolled over in his bed and looked at the time, it was 5:30 he hadn’t been able to sleep since the incident. It had broken him over in a sweat more than once. It was disturbing to him, as he didn’t even know her all that well and yet he had felt closeness, a connection with her. He inhaled deeply and tried to breathe out his inner pain and rage.

He was as quiet as they come, even more so recently. Lips as blue as the ocean he always looked so cold; maybe it was a reflection of his personality. He shut himself out from the world; others had always shunned him he was used to it. His puppy dog sad eyes gave away his fresh tears.

As they dripped down his face he gripped at his hair. His life had been a world of pain since, this puzzled him as he had never felt regret before.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So it's nowhere near finished but knowing me if i don't put it here i will lose it for sure!

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