Just The Beginning


Trying to act like it's nothing

Push it away, sweep it under the rug

But you can't it's all there

In black and white

For now it's too late to take it back

Rip those feelings of innocence from your hands

You don't deserve them

Take the punishment for your crimes

For what you did

For how you wanted all this to happen

Don't pretend like this is ok

When it's obvious that it isn't

The opportunity came to do more damage

You pounced on it, no second thoughts

It gave in couldn't escape your firm grasp

If you attempt to make this up

You will feel the sharp end of my tongue

No holds barred, nothing held back

I've been far too angry for far too long

Feeling my wrath would be just the beginning...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

angry at time of writing as you can probably tell lol

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