Reassuring Jessica


Me moving my hand away has

Caused you so much discomfort

It appears I never know the right thing

To do or say

I'm such a careless idiot

I consider putting my hand back

To show you I am not going anywhere

You are about to open up to me

The root of your problem lies here

Right in front of me

It's within reaching distance

I have no idea what is happening

Inside of me

To make me want to help you so badly

Maybe because I know how you feel

Providing you with comfort

Might just help me sort myself out too

I place my hand back on yours

That's just it

True it will always be there

It's a wound that remains open

Until you find the way to close it

You've had the string all along

And now I have come along with the needle

Together we can at least

Make this more bareable for you

Sure you will still have the scar there

But thats just the reminder

To show how lucky you are now

How far you have come since the beginning

I can feel the tears forming

In my own eyes now

It's been so long since I

Have felt this way

Inside I am still very much

That neglected child

That suicidal teen

That rejected outcast

I blink back the tears

You will be ok now

I will make sure of it

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