Covered in chocolate strawberries is how it's ending with smell of burning candles and lots of foam mattress covers all on the floor unbathed individuals bare skin with flesh so cold enhanced with the spark of twinkle your arms reaching for the light switch waking up to run on daydreams fully equipped with extra ordinary thoughts that can easily be played for when your very special shadows in place keep it coming like the sun burning a whole thru that non moving piece of material made flammable, to not turn the fauset on would only be deadly. Embracing the clocks suspenseful way of ticking as if nothing really mattered. It's so disrespectful stormy nights need extra covers to nominate the treasure of golds presence standing besides it. Contouring the the space with arms legs hair fingers undergarments lavishly living non living souls of who made them this propelled with serenity over the nights fog for the moons Ray it's possible there's extra estrogen to be under mirrors with closed eyes imagining the strokes in deep thought for brushing smiles and it just all losses itself cus you like it 

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KindredSpirit's picture

You are good Bear

I would trust you to paint me

And it wouldn't come out looking

Like a cariricture.

I have an idea for a painting

I'll tell you on the flip-side.


I bet you are a lot better than Bush.


deepinyourdreams's picture

here you go...