You see this is hard to believe...


You see this is hard to believe all that was said to me. You grew up with your parent’s father and mother, and they never once helped you out with a decent dollar. You were raised in a generation before you and you weren’t taught to learn what you should and you were shoved and pushed.

The start of your teens you starting smoking weed, drinking Bacardi, going to parties, you fell in the category of most minorities. Influential friends got you using heroin, and having your school grades decline. You cried most of the time of your actions, but you never received enough satisfaction. You broke the rules like most people do. You knew how to run hustle before learning to tie your shoes. So, you manage to enter high school, more responsibilities you chose not to do, you ignored those close to you. You where like a prostitute who did anything to earn some benefits. By this time your mother died of drugs, the one who never got to show you love. Your father’s mother was the lovable one, but he left thinking his job was done. You were like an adult in a young soul who had to learn from your own mistakes, take whatever came your way. You try to love but you she got HIV but you were still willing to marry thee. Your first experience with love like a dove came and it flew. All this drama in your teens made you believe everybody was your enemy. So you chose more time to waste. It was not your fault to land where you did. You had no encouragement or someone to say “way a go, you got an A” So you barely participated as a freshman you recall this time as an embarrassment. You were taught about sex the wrong way, when you were raped of all of your believes. This cause you to go crazy and suicidal you asked me what would I do? Then you proclaim you drank 15 pills of aspirin nourished yourself with a little bit of apple juice. It gave you a chest pain, but it didn’t make all your problems go away. Instead God insisted you stay in your place. As a sophomore you manage to change your ways. You learned to walk away, instead of duplicating your mistakes. You picked up your school grades and learn how to cooperate. You held your feelings inside during this time, not like before where you spoke hate and drank your life away. Your jun to your senior year was better than okay, you were the one who taught your peers about the wrong paths in life, you even gave them past life examples, for that news they respected you. You found a new love, you creating a passion for writing. Your words are profound it took you a long way. I do know what you mean. I’m glad you were able to travel to Germany. A place better where you came from is worth to see and you did it all for free. You become famous in your own way. You did manage to star in three off-broadways. You always had a gift to project your talents with hidden messages. You always held to that advice your friend gave you. To “Always look on the bright side” Got to college the land of dreams, it took you some transfers to finally find your place, but at last you did. You still hold at least above a 3.1GPA. Even till this day you still cry, how you came a long way. Even though there’s much more than you expose your story to be, but I do respect your privacy even though you only telling me. It’s funny how I look at my mirror and I still see much of you in me. But I guess there’s no difference, because you are me.

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