I’m tired of being

the regretter

Can’t I for once be

the regretted


No mistakes,

moving on,

the envied one,

the heartbreaker.


Sitting in the back of your mind,

an envelope opened a million years ago,

but still leaving glue stains

and broken words

written blindly, sleeplessly

in your past

that hurt so much.


I’m tired of being

the villain

Can’t I for once be

the princess


Sitting in a tower,

no death sentence,

no daring feats,

no first moves.


I’m begging you

to see me

How blind can you be

with that hopeless tongue

speaking words I’ve never heard?


How clueless can you be

climbing out onto your front porch

with an old blue T-shirt on?

Not trying to impress me,

morning hair left untouched,

treating me like just another



Maybe I am

just another



I’ll leave you alone

if you keep seeing

through me


I take back

all the things

I silently said


In the dark

I whispered words

I hope you never heard


You don’t deserve them


I’m just another girl.


I’m tired of being

the regretter,

leaving my tears

entangled in my pillow

and walking down the stairs

head held high.


I’m tired of being

the villain,

fighting and racing and climbing

never stopping

and nothing ever comes of it.


I can’t find

a place with you



Maybe I am

just the one millionth

regretter on your list.


Maybe I am

just another


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/11/14

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