The Wind Set Me Free



It was in the early hours of a yesterday as I stood gazed at the sunrise that welcomed a new dawn;

the birth of a new day to the horizon. I felt sad, because my grandmother passed away and I never

said, "Good Bye," as I stood there missing her, I cried and I am still crying, my soul screams,

"Grandmother please forgive me." I saw her face in the clouds forming over the new sun she was

smiling, and I kept crying.


All of sudden the wind whispers the sound of her voice, she clearly spoke to me in the morning breeze,

"We will see each other again son," were her words to me, her scent was in the air and that is when I

knew she had forgiven me for being distant, for keeping feelings inside all my life towards her; to this

date, only her and I know what these feelings inside were. I told my mother once, but she killed me

with her sight!

What followed I will never forget; a child's laughter carried in the wind, it is the laughter my daughter

makes nowadays and I always will remember this particular morning. My grandmother died the same

day my daughter was born; hours after my daughter was delivered I fell into a deep slumber, I had a

dream that my cousin Manuel and his family had came to visit my new born daughter; we laughed and

joked about how finally I had become a father; I will never forget this dream.


As we said our good-bye and well wishes, I walked them out the door, as I close the nursery's door the

room silence and the mother of my child was gone, she was nowhere in sight, I turned to my daughter

crib, and there she stood, my grandmother caressing my daughters little head, tears were rolling down

her cheek, she smiled at me at said, "You have beautiful daughter, take care of her with your life."

She wore a white dress in my subconscious state; the following week she was laid to rest in the same

white dress. I believe my grandmother's spirit left her body before death came; she heard a night before

as she laid in her death bed that my daughter's mother was giving birth; she wanted see her granddaughter,

the word that travels within the family says she had stop breathing hours before death, fifteen minutes was

her departure then came back to life.


Those were the precious minutes she was given to meet my daughter, I truly believe this! No one, I mean no

one including her closes grandchildren will ever take away the bondage created on that Sunday, January 19,

2014. I AM MY GRANDMOTHER'S FAVORITE GRANDSON!! My daughter has her lips and smile! My grandmother

was given three months to live and my daughter's birth was expected for the 25th of January.


Their kindred spirits had other thoughts in mind. On this particular morning of a yesterday, it was the morning

wind that set me free!! Blessed to be me with pride!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A True Story!!

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