I Left My Heart...

Somewhere inbetween 'I don't give a

fuck' and 'Who Cares'...an advice well

given is hardly a driving force;

honestly, I cannot say I have learned

from all of my mistakes, so I continue

to err- at times by choice; through my

highs and my lows, crashes inbetween



[I am always winning] I walk with my

shoulders straight and head-up, even

in times of defeat....]


I left my heart in the darkest of night

where the blood that runs through is

as cold as ice, the touch of death at my

fingertips--in places where the living

dead reside; my heart black and hollow,

resembling my thoughts...


{The devil has been trying to take my

heart and soul; he is losing the fights;

the battles continue...}


I left my heart in churches and

cathedrals where hypocrites congregate,

worship, and rejoice...praying to wood

idols and misguiding the shepard's lambs...

where ministers collect and don't preach

the teachings of their lord and savior....


I left my heart in dreams turned into night-

mares, becoming reality...the lost of a God,

and childhood innocense, which is now

part of my dark assylum, my sanitarium

from sub-conscious, and self-destruction...


I left my heart in the memories of my youth, 

my first crush, and two best friends! In the 

early morning walks to school and the 

afternoon walks back home, which were

an adventure everyday...


I left my heart in El Salvador on my recent 

trip to Central America; there my people 

make the most and best of each day, 

money is scarce; no one complains, serving

three meals a day...I am humbled!...my 

heart belongs in El Salvador!


I left my heart with those whom I have met;

friends and foes without disrespect I love 

you all, I live and sin, chose to be unforgiven;

I leave my heart on these pages I write on,

stories, and poems I narrate; I bleed my

heart out in my life's journals and share them

with the world; my security to a broken heart!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where did you leave your heart at?

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