Second Cluster/Echoes

(After Cluster One by Pink Floyd: Division Bell)

Echoes, echo hoes resonate preceding silence 
in noun—vowels are useless, yet effective in 
pronounce, without a word would only be an 

Animals dance with Pigs—some take flight, 
together they fly high, soar low; creating new 
species, breeds that multiply…
an evolution cluster.

Seventh Sunday is a term for an unexpected 
newborn (in my culture) unless you know 
Spanish; you really do not care what it means. 
A cluster of ‘I do not give a fuck.”


An alignment of stellar proportions, an 
astronomical cluster; “Introducing the offspring 
of my soul; come winter the world will know.” 
Parenthood…an emotional cluster.

Adapting to responsibility with an interest I did 
not expect from myself so soon. Running out 
of favors, nocturnal ways will soon be paternal. 
Feelings are a cluster.

Constantly reminding myself, “I live for another
heartbeat,” and a failure I will not be, sedate 
me from moments of unclear thinking, desires 
within…clusters of the flesh; sins that condemn.

Damned Soul’s life begins when I awake from 
the dream I am living in a conscious cluster, in 
reality in the subconscious cluster of the mind.

Remember that the image in the mirror is 
reverse; right is left, left is right…
a psychological cluster of poems defining the 
life I live or not? 

Echoes continue to resonate, a cluster of echoes
if you will. 

Copyright2013 ‪#‎soulcriticpoet‬

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life echoes!

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