My Everyday Agenda

My Everyday Agenda-

is poetry, her poetry, her moods,

her smile, her words flow naturally —  she is every verb, and her verb is the word; my word.

every tingle in nerves, all desires, all my dreams—we met when I was fifteen; her age is infinite;

twenty-one years later we’re still harmony…I’m talking about poetry.

a new poem scheduled on my calendar two weeks ago; I tried to reschedule,

but poetry doesn’t wait to be written, it must be compose where she feels like inspiring the poet, inspiring me to write to her the most beautiful words ever written—poetry;

m/y/e/v/e/r/y/d/a/y  a/g/e/n/d/a

“Hello, I cannot hold a grudge;

excuse my absence from hearing

your voice, and my hands for

not rubbing your back as you 

fell asleep that morning, 

my birthday; "I miss you

I know you miss me too."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my heart will always have an open appointment for you!

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