Poems and Misconception

Poems and Misconceptions- (after the last poem I wrote to a lady (friend)

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has

found words.” Robert Frost-


“Poetry is what gets lost in translation." Robert Frost- 



"Truth be told I speak from the heart, which at times it is not easy speaking;

words are spoken from the core of my heart, the abyss of my soul, because

I refuse to stay quiet and my feelings UN-shared."— Sergio Valencia


In my later years I wrote poems to almost every woman I met, some 

we slept in the same bed (key word; slept); only one did inspired and

received more than a dozen poems before roses—

she was the girl that truly broke my heart;


"I wept like Jey-zuz."


I created the idea that ladies would appreciate the time or even consider

the inspiration to the poem I wrote— most of them would say,

“Aah, how nice, you’re so sweet, thank you.”


“If I had a dime…so on and so on.” 


Misery kept me company, poems were no longer written to individual

ladies (A poem from me maybe more valuable than the love you call a

sweetheart) I still chased kittens; a pussy here, a pussy there purring

with their claws on my back…nights of party and play.


My love affair with the night and Venus; the moon, my goddess became

the focus of my inspiration for all future poems born within; a lunatics

mind; no longer chasing pussies—I slept with bitches in heat

(Women of the night) only a chosen few have I shared my poems with at

3:00 am; the witching hour…


"Then the sex continued or should I say spawning."


I recall only a few ladies that were touched and shed a tear when they read

THEIR poem; to them I say, “Thank you for appreciating.” The rest are

inconsiderate; one word is enough to define their taste for true art form,

because of them I lost the care to write a lady a poem.


Then I met her years ago; a friend with benefits, but not my benefits—

recently we shared a special day together (no sex involved); inspired by her

honesty and suppose understanding of my poetry, I wrote her a poem, in

her own words, “I was moved.”


"Haven’t heard from her since."


To the lady that was becoming my everyday agenda; she is only an agenda

now...“Girl, I wasn't proposing marriage to you; my sincerity you have

confused for infatuation,”—


No more poems will be dedicated or written to individual ladies—

only my future wife?!

The SoulCriticpoet has spoken...


“Poetry is all that is worth remembering in life.” William Hazlitt

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(quotes were used to add the perspective of the angle I chose to write in) 33rd degree!!

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Well, I enjoyed the read. You

Well, I enjoyed the read. You kept me interested the whole ride. Nice work Sergio. Nice to see your work around here again. :)

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