I refuse to lose-

I refuse to lose-

for the sake of the argument I’ll stop when the

conversation goes south into ignorance. I’ll give

the floor to the best point-of-view; if a great

advice is given, my faults will be accepted with

gratitude and humbleness—that is an acquired

taste only a few carry on the tip of their tongues.

I refuse to lose-

and be called a loser; I will fight my battles to the

end, until I’m dead; resting six feet deep in peace,

but to say the least, I simply cannot lose in this life-

time, even though I’ve walked through valleys of

shadows and death—I will prevail, and my soul

will set sail towards my reincarnation of another life;

I’m living my 3rd lifetime of my existence today.

I refuse to lose-

to naïve minds, foolish characters, and conformist

of unspoken rules; not every unspoken rule fits the

heart, and misery I shall accompany no more! If

anyone wants to follow the blind, go right ahead;

I’ll stand back and watch them fall and lose

themselves in their own beliefs. Those to me are

losing casualties!

I refuse to lose-

with every fall I’ve taken, each sin committed; I

always stand up and greet the challenge as

educational, not meaning that with every fall I’ve

learned or gained perspective. I’m a born sinner,

I will sin again, and again…perfection I do not

seek, and spiritually I’m damn if do, damn if I


I refuse to lose-

so I choose words wisely, precisely calculated to

share my opinions, ideas, and views with

masterpieces called poems from the SoulCritic-poet;

taken by many as an act…to the doubters, “You’re

acting foolish!” and are refusing to lose to me, when

in reality you lost when the thought flourished in

your mind, and harvest in your heart.

I refuse to lose-

simply because that is an image I don’t carry well or

wear with enthusiasm; you might see frown, yet

smiling inside—and the times I wore my inside out, I

manifested my presence more than the holy ghost;

casting my own demons out, and recreating the

blueprints to my success—you can say my words

are holier than thou…

I refuse to lose-

to any poet behind the microphone on stage sharing

their best; I applaud you!…I have no doubt in my

mind I inspire many to write their best, as I’ve been

inspired by a few fellow poets (few meaning less

than five) to write and share my best poems,

sonnets, and haikus; every so often I surprise the

reader with short stories.

I refuse to lose-


nevertheless I’ve lost more than I’ve won to certain

poets, from them I take notes, and that to me is

refusing to lose, because I create positive words from

negative scores from judges who think poems should

rhyme…missing the reason, unable to read between

the lines and finding the true meaning of the words


I refuse to lose, because I was born a winner first.     

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I refuse to lose everyday!

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Loved it. Winning is a

Loved it. Winning is a compromise, where we reach to embrace all of life in it's fullness, and choose to savor and transform the razor's edge into a smooth and succulent trove of heavenly bliss. Kudos, SoulCriticPoet!! ~peace~


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "