S.E.X (Soul. Energy. Xenophilia)

When the moon is align to my Soul,

late night I feel her Energy, then the

mood settles in, time to eXpress my

feelings with love making, or knocking

boots; taking my time to make you

reach climax.

My penetration is deep, the after

thought will make you finish before you


I want to lay you down naked, kiss you

from head to toe and inbetween from

your navel to your ***** bitter sweet

like a tangerine!

I hope a few hours isn't long enough to

take you to heaven and put you to sleep!

YES! this is a sexual poem.

Don't worry in the morning we'll do it all

over again and again!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I like S.E.X!!

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Morningglory's picture

Well said, soul! Sounds...

Well said, soul! Sounds... delightful. Great write. I went to a poetry slam a couple of weeks ago. The theme that particular evening was sex. I think your poem would have been fun to hear there. Nice job!

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SoulKritiC's picture

Sex is good

Nice, I'm getting ready to head out to tonights slam event here in town, should be another great one!! 


Morningglory's picture

Awesome! I don't perform in

Awesome! I don't perform in the slams. I'm not ready for the competitive nature of it. I attend open mic's. Mostly I do one on Monday nights with a Jazz band backing me up.  It's a lot of fun and I connect with a lot of great artists. Aparently, I hang out with Ken Kesey's old crowd. Just learned that after hangin' with them for like 2 yrs. lol  

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SoulKritiC's picture

I can imagine

I can imagine the atmosphere with that crowd; to feel it, wow, that'll be cool!


Morningglory's picture

Yeah, they're really great

Yeah, they're really great folks. Very Interesting... with great big hearts. Love them to death...

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