Felt His Presence

(Written the day my friend was buried)

The ride to the south is pleasant; a solo voyage…

the golden sun on the rise with a panoramic album

of my life lay across the blue sky—the wind is

freedom upon my face.

The radio is playing familiar songs but fade away

by the sounds of Children’s laughter in my head;

I remember my best friends I once had, a bond

missed, a bond gone!

I continue to drive south bound 99; highway of

dilated memories, it’s a beautiful day, today is my

birthday, a good day to die! I will tell you why?

This morning began with procrastination, once on

the road, the mood was eerie, and the sunlight was

breaking through the other side of reality.

I felt empty, something was missing, at that very

moment I looked up at the clouds, tears began to

shed. I didn’t know then, that very morning a great

friend and father of dear friend was being buried.

The emptiness I felt, was Joaquin’s soul leaving this

earth. Joaquin was an honorable man, who shared his

wisdom with me as if I was his son. I truly miss him!

He was a psychologist who knew my moods and their

association. I had the privilege to work for him on a

home project he had. Honestly, he was one of those

persons in my life, although a few years, which I

looked up with the utmost respect; a father figure type.

The rest of the weekend was mellow…I actually began

writing this piece on that weekend July 20, 2012…and

finished today June 20, 2013. I was mourning!

Joaquin see you soon!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

RIP Joaquin Verduzco!! I MISS YOU!!

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