Son of a God, Son of a Man, but not of Flynn,

this world isn’t Tron but we do exist within ten

dimensions creating theories of Quantum Leap;

explanations for déjà-vu—I get them too often 

not to understand we are not from this world.

Our existence is a continuance of impermanent 

states, which everyone is a part of, yet never 

will realized, because those will be the people 

that never learned to meditate, concentrate, 

practice mind control, and establish a right for 

living, but not living for a right!

Life is a space odyssey that you and I have lived

before; the cycle of life does not end with death,

but begins anew in a different time zone, different

dimension, on another moon with its own sun...

this is not a religious sermon, I care less for a


We are the cosmos that made us, our cells breathe

in the same air, which the Big Bang was created

from nothing to universes, galaxies, a milky way

maybe two—we bleed red and cry tears, in them

the same ingredients found in the stars!

The only difference is race, color, and creed;

however, don’t be naïve to think you are better

because of wealth—the monetary system made to

keep minds away from learning or wanting to learn

that our molecular structure came from the stars,

which if you believe in a God; the image and

similarities used to create mankind were inspired

from the stars…

I am not son of a God, I was created in the mist of

the Big Bang!! I am the cosmos! And so are you! 

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Dang! or rather Bang! Soul! I

Dang! or rather Bang! Soul! I knew I liked you for a reason... beautifully written!!!! Loved it.

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