I Used To Love Her Too

"Before I met you/ I used love her/ 
We would ride together/ now you 
and I write together/ 

With her I learned ebonics/ like the 
true meaning of an onion/
you and I spell check/ grammatically 

My homies used to beatbox/ 
breakdance on cardboard boxes/ 
her and I created rhymes to the 

She taught me how to free flow/ 
express with no rehearsal/ 
Today/ you and I perform live 
shows together/ spoken word/ 
with one microphone/


She was my lady in elementary/ 
left her ass in the tenth grade/
that's when our love affair began/ 
like an addiction/ I can't let you go/


I started feeling blessed/ words 
started manifesting/ creating the 
manifestos/ of our poetry/ 

She gave me fallacious/ you give 
me/ foreplay/ time to relax/ 
and smoke a J/


With my b-boy stance/ flip flop/ 
and socks/ she became/ 
everybody's lover/ she changed/ 
in so many ways/ not to say/ 
you're any different/


Your roots created Floetry/ 
after every MC/ fucked the shit/
outta' Hip Hop/ played her out/ 
like a 45/


Nowadays rappers/ want to be

poets/ like me/ you got lucky/

when you met me/ the love of

my life/...poetry!"/

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hip Hop Lust; Poetry Love!!

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Morningglory's picture

Poetry is the love of my life

Poetry is the love of my life too. Enjoyed the read.

Copyright © morningglory

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The only love I know...

Thank you for the reply! I'm glad you enjoyed.