House of The Rising Sun (inspired by)

[story inspired by the song]


The House of The Rising Sun

is occupied, but empty.

Voices are heard, laughter

echoes, and childrens cries

throughout the house.

Rosaries and potpourri scent

in the air.

Located on top of hill away

from the city, the house of the

rising sun is forgotten by the

living, but haven for runaway


My father says that a gambler

and his family lived there

before, but lost it all when he

bet the deed to the house on

a single hand of blackjack.

My mother says the lady of the

house was a tailor, she sewed

every day while the husband

gambled their life away.

He was also a drunk, never

satisfied, beat his wife and

children, always complaining.

The children hated him and

swore never to be like their


One quiet morning as the sun

was rising above the house,

the father, the gambling man

came to find an empty home.

No signs of his tailor wife or


No good-bye note, or warning.

He called out to his family but

no answer, the only thing he

found was a suitcase by the

front door.

He found his clothe neatly

packed inside.

The gambling man sobbed,

cried, knowing his family was

gone; he went to his trunk

and retrieved his .45 S&W

Without hesitation, the barrel

to the temple, pulled the trigger,

and blew his brains.

The news spread like a flood in

New Orleans; the mother and

her children were never seen or

heard of again.

They lived without fear and misery,

the ball and chain died on top of

the hill where the house of the

rising sun was built.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I been before!

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