The Poem of Blue Eyes

I became her inspiration to die
She became my dedication to
live eternal-
In distant dreams we met, flew
through the seven heavens to
find salvation;
we found out that God does
not exist-
found comfort in the abyss of
hell, our fire ignited the flames
higher, in our haven we never
Demons from our past became
our friends- we rejoiced and
Her life was complicated until
the day she slit her wrist; as
she bleed to death, she claims
my name and I came to her a ghost!
Death stood beside us, then
whispered, "It's time to go."
My dreams assassinated from
I died many years ago, yet I
walk the earth searching for
my blue eyes;
the one that captivated me
when I lived-
"Oh, blue eyes I dedicate my
soul to you as we die together

Author's Notes/Comments: 

love her til the end!

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Awe! Super sad!! :'(

Awe! Super sad!! :'(

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