The Ripples of Time

The ripples of time are like waves
crashing on shores and slowly
receding back into the ocean;
eventually you will reach the point
of no return, until another wave
catches your drift and brings you
back to you a blink of
an eye to decide your fate-
Standing on shore as you look out
into the ocean you realize your
soul belongs to the abyss of time,
each breathe you take is one
breathe closer to death, and time
will not rewind for you to find
comfort in the past that once was
and will never be again...
Look around you, no one is near,
no one is far, only fear settles in,
asking yourself,

"Is this home?"

But you know deep inside home is
the ocean, where the ripples of
time took you places, mystic lands,
and enchanted dreams. You ate the
fruit of Gods, sweet nectar with
wisdom in each bite. Now, you are a
traveler, lost in time, forgotten by
men, and spoken to by ghost, who
were once voyagers like you, carried
away by the waves of discontent,
the ripples of time became your fate....
As you stand by shore looking at the
ocean, daydreaming of swimming,
but ghost do not swim, only wander
in illusion waiting for the ripples of
time to catch their drift again, which,
by now has become a breeze that
blows through you, leaving your ghost
in the same lonely place you were
when death came by to rescue you…
and the waves that came to shore
diminish; the ocean settles...
lost in the ripples of time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lost in time!!

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