Houses of The Unholy; Amen

Troubled souls, broken spirits
congregate to be redeemed;
hymns of praise, prayers in his
Speaking in tongues, dancing
in the spirit with snakes at the
The preachers sermons are
lectures to the damned, that
rejoice in the savior's name with
'Hallelujahs' and 'Amen's'....
offerings to buy their stairway to
Being a minister nowadays is a
career not a calling, an investment
for financial gain, and a spiritual
stain...confusing the meek;
their tithes keeps the ministries
asses well fed and compromised to
the cause- Fucken Hypocrites!!!
Every religion has false teachings,
preaching's of the end controls the
fear of the power of
neglect to those in the position to
lead the misinformed and ignorant-
To Heidi they shall go, to be raped
by Moloch, the same way they raped
the children of God inside the
Houses of The Unholy...Amen!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fuck false preachers and teachers!!

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Every organized religion is

Every organized religion is like a state wanting dominion the system is et up to fail, but there are true lambs of god there too, however misguided... Key word organized religion, church is in your heart, spiritual relationship starts and ends with you. So I really like the fact you bring the reader to Annalise this issue but in fairness organized religion runs better than any government... So it may not be safe or all to topple Gods safe houses... But God doesn't need a tower, just devotion to the joys of the right things and avoid the things he tried to cast out of himself... Part that came from God the parts that are in all of us as we are in gods image how egomaniac is that statement anyway? Well it's been interesting but gtg! Work will have its measure. Cheers SS

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i loved it other than the

i loved it other than the fact u said now it is for finical gain, it always has been especially for the middle ages other ten that really good