Continued Silence...

The hearts of the meek are braking,
gasping for hope in an 'Amen'...
those seeking the Kingdom Of God
are now searching for seclusion from
church; saving their lives, but not
their souls-

Wolves have ravaged the lambs,
raped, and manipulated the spirits
of the weak...Religion continues to
be more political than spiritual; a
ritual with credence-

Richer are the wolves from the sweat
of the lambs than from their own
ambition to God...monies is the G.O.D
(first is Greed, then Obsession,
followed by Disgrace) "Can I get an

Silence of the lambs continues in
churches, temples, synagogues, and
mosques with sermons of fear and
conquer. Not all are 'too blind to see,'
just 'too scared to speak...'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is only one God?

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DustinLinz93's picture

I love it!

Great poem. I really can relate to this. I have always felt the same. Religions use scare tactics and indoctrination to keep their worshipers loyal.

SoulKritiC's picture


Amen to that!!