Is She Alive?

Gave her a song to sing,
but she couldn’t sing…
Wrote her a poem to rehearse,
but she couldn’t read…
Played music for her ears,
but she couldn’t hear…
I showed her my love,
but she was blind…
She looks like a radiant river,
but no water runs thru’ it…
Smells like a garden,
but no roses grow…
I’m starting to believe I am
the one that does not exist…
Mixed are my feelings for her,
Is she there? Is she alive?
Her heart beats,
but I feel no pulse…
When she speaks,
I hear no voice,
but I know what she
Is saying to me…
Her eyes are full of life,
but stares with death in her pupils…
She breathes me out,
and I breathe her in…
simple is her love,
but deadly;
each day I walk hand
and hand with her, and I
don’t even know her name…
Beyond the twinkle of her eyes,
Zion burns alive; Angels cry,
doves are dying-
no olive trees to land on,
drowning in the
Abyss of her darkness-
Our life’s all over these pages
for all to read,
creating bias views and mental
Who is this woman I cherish
without knowing?
Is she alive?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Who is she?

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