The Life Span of a Poem...

Words lay there with no emotion to criticism, sharing views and ideas
but obsolete to the hierarchy of the heart. The values of words are
expressed with tears or crumbling of pages, some burn the pages to
burn away their pain. Lovers cherish words of love and praise the name.
Writers write you perfect in every sense of the word; the silver lining is
found between the lines…
You interpret dreams in ways only the artistic understand, relationships
have united and separated by a series of your words….So we read the
blues in you, clues to bigger orgasms, and rants of wild parties and loss
of sleep. I remember a girl wrote me a poem once, but I forgot what it
said, something like, “I hate you, please don’t call me again.” Hmm, that’s
fair, I respect that! I didn’t keep it…I threw it away; the lifespan of that
poem ended in the trash, but in her heart, that was so true!
Not all ‘actions speak louder than words,’ some words are taken to the
I wrote a murder once in a poem, but it was fiction. Can you imagine the
life span of that poem if it was non-fiction! Never mind, hundreds of poems
I've written, hundreds more will I write; yet it is that one poem that
captivates the heart, endearing to the soul!! Like this piece may not matter
to you, make sense to you…the life span of this poem may be in one ear
and out the other…short memory span.
Do you remember the first poem you read? I don’t…but I do remember the
first poem I wrote, “Joe Homeless,” about a homeless man I would witness
everyday on my way to school eating out of trash bins and sleeping in
shopping carts, at times I would give Joe a dollar or two. One day on my way
home from school “Joe Homeless” was in the middle of the street lying dead;
hit and run…his life was over! The life span of that poem is still fresh in my
mind…every time I read it, I reminisce…sometimes cry!!
No matter how you are written or expressed it is in the message that you
send that stamps audience attention. The life span of my poems, like many
others will never die…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poems never die!!!

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