When Feelings Become Numb

Does pain ever go away from a broken heart?

Can someone really cry his/her last tears?

When rejection becomes the norm, the heart

settles in the cold.

Laughter's lose their harmony, birds do not

sing love songs anymore.

Is everybody meant to be loved?

Can happiness be found without a companion?

No one should live alone, every heart deserves

a home.

Does a smile really hide the sadness inside?

Do my eyes show the depth of my soul...

hollow, cold?

Who said, 'love' could not be bought?

I have done so before.

When comfort is found in loneliness all feelings

become numb, every kiss is plain, passion

becomes a necessity, fulfilling the need.

Pain never leaves a broken heart, it becomes

numb, but not obsolete.

You can cry your last tears away, until

your face becomes numb, find your composure,

then continue to cry-

Some feel love is not meant for everyone,

the idea of loving someone becomes numb to

those whom do not find love-

Sadness could be hidden with a smile.

I am finding comfort in the idea of living alone

the rest of my life-

showing an expression of being

'comfortably numb.'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comfortably Numb.

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