'Clouds'...A Brick on the Wall

I cannot help but notice faces in the clouds--

memories of a forgotten yesterday come to mind.

Dreams hang from certain clouds like apples on a

tree, the blue sky behind the clouds is a miracle

awaiting for faith to come around--

The Sun brakes warming a feeling of hope in the

clouds, some shed tears, others laugh--

Clouds are scattered, one is a dragon blowing fire

across the realm of time...traveling clouds scream

for an end, only to be welcomed by the storm ahead--

a breeze is beginning to blow, yet it is only a whisper

in the wind.

A war has began in front of my eyes,

clouds resembling battles in my life--

One of the clouds looks like a demon I once saw in

one of my drug induce experiences...

A white blanket now covers the sky,

lost and confused the clouds come together for safety-

From a distance I can see a ray of prosperity trying

to set free the agony of being a slave...

Sitting in front of the window clouds are my view,

I wish I was free like them--but I am reminded

that I am only another brick on the wall...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are all bricks on the wall...

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