A Muse and A Chorus...

Our relationship is a chorus--my musician is a muse...
She continues singing her sad song, I play along
with a violin and a broken dream--we make and
play great music...I mean, when we're on track our
music is harmony.
Guitar's rocking, piano's striking keys, heart beats
to the drums of memories held at that moment,
now left behind...
Our relationship is a chorus--my musician is a muse...
her songs were celestial, voice of a goddess...
Aoedes, my love!!
We lost the rhythm, I will continue playing the blues
to forget about you--
Our relationship is a chorus, like some verses in
this poem, repeating the same words but never
finishing the song...pressing replay before the music
is over.
My musician is a muse, inspiring another sad song--
the sound of your melody is braking my heart.
I strike a chord to play your tune, you cry and throw
me off rhythm...you tell me,
"follow my lead," but play a different note--
This relationship is a chorus, but I am done playing
with you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My musician was a muse...

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