No not yet

No not yet

No, not yet

The words we read

And the words he Said

No not yet

Not quite yet

Your bicycle broke

So you can't just yet

No not yet

No not yet

You cannot ride

On that bike just yet

No not yet

No not yet

No not yet

You just can't just yet



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by teytonon

When I saw him backwards

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georgeschaefer's picture

eventually he'll turn it

eventually he'll turn it around

Teytonon's picture

wow. Thiis is really an honor

Having a poem about me is very very cool. Thank you so much.Guess I should say knaht uoy os hcum. Haha That name

has no meaning btw. Thank you too mr ub. Not about me,inspired

sootyash's picture

I see backwards

Couldn't help myself. Once I saw it this freewrite just came out. Thanks for being inspiring because you have a sense of humor and that is cool. 

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