I Can't Feel Anymore

I’m defeated;

my feelings bled me dry.

I lie here on the ground.

I can’t make a sound.

My mind is blank, I’m empty, cold. 

Not feeling anything is worse than feeling anything at all.

Hate, depression it’s still better than nothing.

You sucked the life out of me, now I’m left empty.

You were a parasite, 

you blinded me with your persuasive eyes.

You led me to believe you were good, strung me along just long enough till there wasn’t a reason as to why you should.

As I lay here lifeless on the ground,

nothing around me, 

I’ve drowned out life itself. 

You seduced me as lust rolled off your lips.

Your aura a mix of lust and sex.

One so irresistible, I wanted to know what came next. 

You played me because you knew how.

You knew I’d fall for you just one look and you had me begging on the ground.

Just one touch and I was lost, you’re lust was like Satan’s drug.

You were my high and I thought I needed you, couldn’t live without my fix.

I overdosed and now you’ve left me lying here practically dead. 

When you drained me of all potential, you saw no purpose in keeping me all hung up on you, you cut me lose and now I don’t know what to do.

My misguided judgment and your seduction made me think this was something more…

I was terribly wrong because I lay here while you’re long gone.

I’m just a lifeless body, I can’t feel anymore.

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