You'll See

Through all the fights you've put me through,

Im still left with a scar or two.
I can't seem to get through,
the nightmares I have of you.
It haunts me daily,
I can't pull myself away.
I'm trapped and trying but I can't break free,
my heart and my head no longer belong to me.
I'm lost and I don't know where to turn.
I can't decide which ways worse.
I swear my life is just a curse.
I'm pulling and tearing trying to get away,
I don't want to live this life.
I don't want to feel this pain. 
I'm going to run far away,
I'll buy my ticket board the next train.
My bags are packed there's no more time to grieve.
I'll stick up for myself,
All these feelings of hate I'm so overwhelmed.
I'll cut my wrist,
and wish we never kissed.
I'm lost and broken,
my hearts a memory of all the words left unspoken.
I'm never missing, the important parts
that have led me to my broken heart.
My mind is so confused,
can't concentrate or think straight.
It's the life I live those beatings that you give.
You all sit and laugh at me,
not knowing how much you're hurting me.
I will never let you in,
it's a dark scary place.
One you'll never forget.
Well just look at my face,
I've seen it all.
I've watched a mom cry as she watches her son fall.
Falls deep in the dark,
can't keep track of life anymore.
It's just a dark beaten road,
no room for any kind of hope.
Just hold on tight and don't let go. 
This life isn't for the weak.
It's a mission to earn your keep.
Im leaving for good,
make a name for myself.
I'll start a new path, 
I won't fall down.
Keep my head held high,
I'll make it you'll see.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just want to point out that even though some strong emotions are evoked I do not suffer from self inflicted violence or any violence for that matter. I just felt like writing and this is what I wrote, I felt like I should clarify that.

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DarkLight's picture

Self inflicted violense is a

Self inflicted violense is a new way of putting it.  I've never heard it called that.  Good poem!!

SomethingSpecial's picture

Haha at the time I couldn't

Haha at the time I couldn't think of the right words so I just improvised, but thank you very much :)